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study trip mars 2011 (2)
March 2011 I Pogradec

NEHEMIA University

The beginning of this year was full of challenges, but also a big success for the students of NEHEMIA University. After the end of the first academic year they completed their practical trainings from 24th of January till 20th of March in Germany and Switzerland. The internships were offered by companies with big impact in the European and global market, like adidas/Germany, Tempus/Germany, DAW (German-Albanian Economic Association), Van Oordt-Stäfe/Switzerland, AE&E Inova/Switzerland. The students were working in different management and production processes, which enabled them to practice their theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies. Some of the performed processes were: Product marketing (design and production plans), data processing, market studies and research for specific client groups, analysis of price levels, sales promotion etc. These internships were a real challenge for all our students, but they completed them successfully and earned a wealth of practical experience for the future.


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